Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A heavy day

Just when I thought things were starting to really come together with our move, we had a set back today, that I fear will put an end to our plans for the second time since May.  We were supposed to go to settlement on our current home this Thursday.  Tonight we get a call from our realtor saying that there hsa been an issue with our buyers' financing, they are expecting a gift from family in Korea, and they were going to have it wired to them in time for settlement. Their bank is requiring that all of their funds be present in the form of a check, so the settlement could be delayed 2 weeks. We then had to go to the sellers of the house we are buying, and beg them for a 2 week delay in our settlement.  This is too much for me to handle, we have already lost 2 buyers and had to give up another house that we loved, I don't think I could go through this all over again.  I'm surprised no one called the police in my neighborhood, because I was screaming so loud at my realtor, I'm sure every neighbor heard.

On top of everything else, I got a call from my RE today, I had several rounds of bloodwork done recently, and she was calling to give me the results, now that the HSG was complete.  It turns out my FSH has gone up quite a bit in a year, so has my estradiol.  I also had an anti-mullerian hormone test, and the results were not favorable there.  All signs are pointing to a lowering of my egg reserve. 

Once we are settled either way with our home situation, we will have to sit down and weigh our options of doing one more cycle with my eggs, vs abandoning ship and going toward donor or adoption.  One silver lining has show itself this week, with R's new job comes new fertility coverage.  If we do decide to do another cycle, at least we will be covered, that certainly eases some anxiety.

I have so much noise swirling around my head right now, I feel like I need to open my front door and just take off running, if it wasn't dark already I would probably do it.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.


  1. Here from ICLW...I hope things settle down and start to look better for you soon. Moving is so stressful. Moving and TTC is just...there are no words. I read your timeline, I'm so happy you got a miracle :) Looking forward to following you.

  2. It is so crazy - we are living parallel lives. I have a 16 month old son (conceived through fertility treatments) and we have been working on having another. When I went back to my RE to start trying, I showed signs of diminished ovarian reserve as well. And we are in the process of moving into a new house since my husband just took a new job about a month ago.

  3. Yikes! It's been a few days since you posted; I hope things have gotten brighter since then, because, damn, what a stressful constellation of pressures!

  4. Please forgive the assvice but here's my 10 cents worth: I did IVF with an AMH of .6 and only three eggs were retrieved, two fertilized and one transferred. I got a positive beta but miscarried one month before my 38th b-day. My RE wouldn't do another cycle with us b/c of my AMH. I started taking vitamin supplements (including DHEA, which I started prior to IVF) and used soy isoflavones early in my cycle (same timing as Clomid) in hopes that one of my ovaries had one egg left. Six weeks after the miscarriage, I conceived my son after being told that we were done having biological children. I don't know if the soy isoflavones helped, but they certainly didn't hurt. Good luck with your journey - it's not an easy path to travel.